Aqto - "Adaptive Quality Technology Operations" -  aims to provide a modern, streamlined approach to building modern web apps and managing them as a standalone or a fleet with a common codebase.


The Aqto suite of projects serves as both an application framework, and part living documentation and example for other projects to build off of.

aqto_project - - Starting point for new projects, with a recommend template geared for the Aqto experience.


aqto_theme_base - - Provides a Tailwind based theme and workflow that can be subthemed and extended.


aqto_upstream - - The "core" of the aqto_project, but can be brought in to any existing Drupal project via composer. The only package required to provide an ideal suite of Aqto modules, any of which can optionally be enabled, allowing focus on what makes the project unique, and keeping the backend core solid and up to date.